About Ruth and the salon

Ruth Bekker

Ruth Bekker is a masseuse and massage salon owner. She has had her own salon in Slovakia for years, and now returned to her birth place in Tallinn, to provide Estonian customers relax, treatment and care. Ruth’s long-standing clients and former employers of the prestigious European hotels appreciate her sensitivity, personal approach and professionalism. Ruth feels comfortable at the same time in therapeutic massage, Scandinavian massage, cosmetic procedures, such as cellulite treatment and body scrub, lava stones use and aromatherapy as well.

Various services supports clients physical and emotional well-being and harmony. At Ruth’s salon you will find a wide range of procedures, all of which are elected by Ruth’s own perfection and craftsmanship to the specific wishes of each guest to come. Because of such personal approach, when you visit Ruth’s salon once, and trust your relaxation, beauty and health to her skillful hands, you will continue to come Ruth’s salon in the future.

Ruth Massage Salon – To support your physical and mental well-being and harmony