Anti-cellulite massage with honey

Anti-cellulite massage with honey is an effective service for the whole body, in which the body’s purification associated with the fresh feeling persists for a long time. The procedure begins with orange and cinnamon oil massage, which stimulates blood circulation. Next honey massage and then extracts of cinnamon and anti-cellulite cream. Ruth’s anti-cellulite massage gives you visible results from the first treatment, the skin is firmer and smoother. The most effective procedure is to repeat ten times over the day, so the impact on your body becomes especially intense. Ruth’s anti-cellulite massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation, stimulates the residual discharges, and improves the metabolism in tissues, improves skin nutrition and oxygen supply, renews faster and slows the aging of the cells; accelerates the depletion of tissue fluid; strengthens the capillaries and skin quality; improves hormonal balance, reduces stress and anxiety.

If you order from Ruth’s massage salon eight one hour (60 min.) anti-cellulite massage with honey, you can get ninth and tenth for free.