Back massage with a herbal paraffin treatment

parafiini massaas

Massage is a relaxing mental and physical surges event, and this organism is both a direct and reflex effects of nervous receptors found in the skin, which is closely related to the central nervous system.
Paraffin therapy relaxes muscle tension, dilates the blood vessels of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, which results in improved blood flow and reduced pain sensations. Paraffin has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Very well suited for chronic muscle and joint discomfort.
Paraffin wrap has superficial heat cure. Extend to the heat of the skin capillaries and improves bloodstream. Curing effects have also included essential oils in herbs.
Results are given massage therapy is recommended for courses of 6-10 times. We recommend that you continue to maintain the level of lasting massage 4-5 times a month.