Honey massage


The use of honey in the body creates a light whisking effect which pulls the skin like adhesive in waxing. It is a pleasant and stimulating sensation, which smoothes the skin base seals. As a result, the skin becomes silky and pleasantly soft. . Effects on humans are both the physical and energetic level, calming and balancing. Honey massage cures and prevents spinal diseases, stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation. Honey massage is usually done in the back or legs, if desired then for the whole body. It is effective to cold, such as coughing, and joint aches, and pains in the nervous disturbances. Honey massage is used to clean the skin and lymph circulation improvement. Massage improves blood circulation in skin and in the muscles, stimulates your metabolism and affects the tissues and internal organs. This is good for anemia, mild exhaustion, radiculitis and joint diseases.

Not recommended for pregnant women, young children, honey allergy, trauma or major surgery within half a year, heart or skin diseases.