Chinese head massage

Chinese head massage is done by influencing energy points of the head and face. The treatment is ment to cure and prevent illnesses. Massage improves cerebral blood circulation, concentration and sleep quality.

Problems with the head are different – there may just be a headache, dizziness, memory loss… Also, there can be pain in different parts of the head, neck, forehead, side or other. Chinese medicine makes it possible to look for the causes of headache. When organs are disturbed, it can cause headaches in different parts of the head.

Headache reason may lie in the body imbalance of yin and yang. Massage helps open up the energy channels and balance the body. Chinese head massage is closely related to the face, because there are very important energy points there. For example, pressing the points around the eyes, can improve vision or ability to concentrate. Points around the nouse can help treat the common cold, or open a blocked nose. It is advisory to come to the procedure without makeup